Robyn Till


red speach
I grew up in Staffordshire before moving to the idyllic seaside town, Aberystwyth, in Wales. Here I studied Law and Criminology, but it wasn’t the Law that gripped me. The world wide web and user interface design has always been a fascination, and it was at University that I spent a lot of my spare time studying these concepts.

Upon graduation I returned to Stafford, and joined Keele University taking on various support roles. I carried out freelance web design on the side, and digital marketing was starting to become hugely influential in the marketing world. Realising that digital marketing and communication was something that I really enjoyed, I completed two diplomas in marketing and communications and went on to pursue a role at Warwick University as a Digital Marketing Officer. This role enabled me to really hone my communication and marketing skills but allowed me to also remain in an environment that I was passionate about – higher education.

Of course, the inevitable happened – I’d caught a case of the Keele bug and returned to the Research Institute for Primary Care and Health Sciences as their Communications Officer. Here I am responsible for developing the RI’s communication strategy and work with researchers on digital marketing campaigns for patient recruitment, design websites (such as the SOLACE site), write press releases, design and much much more.

It’s a great privilege to be involved in the development of the online SOLACE platform and I’m really excited to see how the development of a cross-sector research partnership will improve healthcare for citizens living in underprivileged countries.