Chelin (Chin Chin) R. Luto

Ms Luto-pic


blue speach (1)I am a Filipina and native of the Province of Northern Samar. I hold an Undergraduate Degree (Bachelor of Elementary Education) from the University of Eastern Philippines – Laoang Campus.

I was born in a family of teachers. My father and my sisters are all elementary grades teachers. We confide in the principle that there is no greater wealth than education. This passion of being an educator that runs in the blood convinced me to be one of them someday. I am now a Registered Professional Teacher. Being a teacher was really my dreams since I was a child. I used to play teachers’ activities in our backyard with my friends. I was the teacher and they were my pupils.

Until one day, a very rare opportunity knocked on my door. I was offered to be a Research Assistant in the field of Public Health Care. Full of excitement to land a job, I can’t imagine if I could perform well being an Research Assistant. But I am very optimistic that many things can be learned if you are interested to know and to love the work. All experiences I gained in SOLACE made me realized that the I can do many things that I thought before I would not be able to do.

Rest assured, that being a part of SOLACE, I will never miss this rare opportunity and I promise to give my best to meet the expectation. The experiences I got from working with the team will further enhance my personality. These insights will be treasured and be shared with everyone. In so doing, the peoples’ health concerns be addressed and we all live in a better world.