Clarissa (Issa) Mijares


green speach


I am a Manila-based educator, artist, and cat-momma.

For most of my life, I identified myself as a dance-artist. I underwent professional dance training, pursued a degree in dance, and worked extensively in the creative performance industry. My involvement in the arts allowed me to develop other interests and hone skills that are applicable even outside of the theatre. I took graduate courses in art studies before eventually deciding on focusing on cultural anthropology.

It is not easy to take dance out of my system. I continue to teach dance to children aged two and up. One of my current joys is sharing the graces of ballet with adults without any dance background. Oh how invigorating it is to stand witness to courage and beautiful beginnings.

This research project, SOLACE, could not have presented itself at a better time. Having been plucked from rigorous training has got me thinking of the possible implications of my ‘new’, less active lifestyle. My understanding of the health and wellness will always be anchored on body discourse because of my kinesthetic orientation. While academic work, education, administration, and home life (and cats!) has considerably lessened my dance time it has widened the stage on which I move – perhaps not through the traditional sense of dance but engaging a different set of audiences through other means.