Jeremie De Guzman


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I was born in Quezon City Philippines in 1986, the last year of the Marcos Dictatorship. I took my degree in Biology, Medicine and MBA in Ateneo de Manila University from 2004 to 2014. I was part of the third batch of the Ateneo School of Medicine and Public Health, an innovative double degree program of medicine and masters in business administration with a perspective on Public Health.

Professionally I have been working as a Public Health Leadership Fellow at A-HEALS focusing on a number of public health research topics including health systems development, health workforce development and primary care, health technology and informatics. My interest spans a large number of disciplines from the hard to soft sciences because I believe that having a perspective across the spectrum of knowledge is needed in order to produce relevant research and apply them to benefit communities in my country. I have a particular belief that in today’s world there are new approaches and tools in solving both old problems and emerging ones. Exploring these possibilities excite me, even more so in getting an opportunity in applying them for the benefit of my countrymen. At this moment I am one of the project managers for the iPRIME MD project which is a research project designed to investigate primary care physician competencies in the Philippine setting with the goal of developing educational interventions to improve primary care practice in poor and underserved areas, starting in Northern Samar where my colleagues and the school have been working to improve health.

Aside from my current work in the school of medicine, I have collaborated with other departments in the university. I am a research partner in the Ateneo Innovations Center (AIC) where I’ve done work advising students on developing a low cost solar powered incubator, a low-cost phototherapy unit, and a manual nebulizer. With the Ateneo Java Wireless Competency Center (AJWCC) I work with their software development team on a number of health informatics projects including disease modelling, health data visualization, e-health competency development, and electronic medical records implementation.

In my free time I perform music in a number of local open mics and with a number of bands, mainly as a guitarist.